Chyulu Hills National Park

Chyulu Hills National Park

“Green Hills of Africa”

Chyulu Hills National Park is a verdant rolling hills of endless green, great blue skies and spectacular landscape views are what the Chyulu Hills provide to nature lovers. Large mammals include buffalo, bushbucks, elands, elephants, leopards, giant forest hogs, bush pigs, reedbucks and giraffes along with various reptiles and insects. Horse riding, camping, mountain climbing and bird watching can be enjoyed in this hidden part of paradise.

The Chyulu Hills is a mountain range in Makueni County, South Eastern Kenya. It forms a 100 kilometre long volcanic field in elongated NW-SE direction. Its highest peak is 2188 metres high

The Chyulu Hills stood in for Ngong Hills for the filming of Out of Africa. Chyulu hills National park is also one to visit if you like exploring caves. The levithian tube( also known as Kisula caves) is about 11 km long. One of the longest caves in Kenya and also Africa. It is best visited during the sunny periods January to March and also as from June to September. Chyulu hills National park is part of the Tsavo conservation area which covers Tsavo West National park, Tsavo east National park and the Kibwezi forest. The park’s main gate is located in Kibwezi, Makueni county Kenya.

Park activities

Bird watching, Camping, Game viewing, Horse riding, and also Mountain Climbing

How to get there

Roads: By road from Kibwezi: turn right off the Mombasa Road (coming from Nairobi) at Kibwezi, onto a sign posted road that leads after 9 Kms to Kithasyo Gate and Park HQ. By road from Tsavo West: It is possible to enter the park from Tsavo West

By Air: The Park has two airstrips


  • Breathtaking views from the chyllu Hills,cave exploration,one camp site next to park head quaters
  • Reptiles:Black Mamba, Puff Adder, Rock Python, Gecko, Tortoise, Lizard
  • Insects/arthropods:Dung Beetles, Butterflies, Tsetse fly
  • Common Animals:Buffalo; Bush buck; Eland; Elephant, Leopard; giant forest hog ,bush Pig; reed buck, mountain; Steinbok; giraffe

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