Igongo Cultural Center

May 17, 2023

Igongo Cultural Center

Igongo Cultural Center

Igongo Cultural Center is Located 12 kilometers from Mbarara city centre on the Mbarara – Masaka high way. It is formerly known as Igongo Country Hotel and Cultural Centre, that stands out and provides a warm welcome into the city. It is strategically located within driving distance of a number of tourist destination. Theses include Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park among others.

While at Igongo, you get to learn about the interesting rich cultural heritage of the Ankole region. The center, which was opened in 2007, is dedicated to preserving and promoting the cultural traditions of the Ankole people, one of the largest ethnic groups in Uganda.


The Ankole people are pressure their distinctive traditions including their music, dance, and traditional dress. The Igongo Cultural Center provides visitors with a unique opportunity to learn about these traditions. Not only learning, but also gaining a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the Ankole people.

Igongo Cultural Center
Igongo Cultural Center Museum

Igongo Cultural Center Museum

One of the highlights of the Igongo Cultural Center is the museum. This museum contains a wide range of exhibits that showcase the history and traditions of the Ankole people. The museum has several sections including exhibits on traditional dress, music and dance, and farming practices. Visitors can see traditional artifacts and tools, including wooden plows, hoes, and baskets, as well as beautiful examples of Ankole pottery and basketry.


Like the Uganda Museum, this museum also features a collection of traditional musical instruments, including the amadinda (a large wooden xylophone), the endongo (a bowl-shaped harp), and the nanga (a type of lyre). Visitors can listen to recordings of traditional Ankole music and even try their hand at playing some of the instruments themselves.

Popular attractions at the Museum

Another popular attraction is the traditional homestead, which is a replica of a typical Ankole home from the past. Visitors can see how the Ankole people traditionally lived, with huts made of grass and cow dung, a central cattle pen, and a cooking area. The homestead provides visitors with a glimpse into the daily lives of the Ankole people and highlights the importance of cattle in their culture.


The Igongo Cultural Center also hosts a number of cultural events and activities throughout the year, including traditional dance performances, storytelling sessions, and craft demonstrations. Visitors can watch skilled artisans create pottery, weaving, and other traditional crafts, and can even purchase some of these items to take home as souvenirs.


Igongo Cultural Center Restaurant

In addition to its cultural offerings, the Cultural Center is also home to a restaurant that serves traditional Ankole cuisine. The restaurant offers a range of dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, including beef, millet, and plantains. Visitors can enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the beautiful surroundings of the center.

Igongo Cultural Center

The Igongo Cultural Center is more than just a tourist attraction. It’s an important cultural hub that plays a vital role in preserving the traditions of the Ankole people. The center provides employment and training opportunities for local artisans and performers, and helps to promote a sense of pride and appreciation for Ankole culture among both local residents and visitors.

More to this, the Eclipse Monument is seen while at the Igongo and is one of the attractions to the place. Hiking to the eclipse monument is one activity that you shouldn’t miss during your stop over at Igongo.

In conclusion, Igongo Cultural Center is a fascinating destination that provides visitors with a unique opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the Ankole people. The center’s museum, traditional homestead, and cultural events offer a rich and immersive experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. By preserving and promoting the traditions of the Ankole people, this Cultural Center is helping to ensure that this rich cultural heritage is passed down to future generations.

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